About ZIMU7,A Chinese BDSM Tube, Mistresses and Social network

We are proud of Chinese Mistresses have been raising up, they produce hundreds of live streaming/videos every each day! Which means BDSM is getting more and more popular in Asia, especially in China. We, ZIMU7.COM, are helping you to collect the best Chinese Mistress BDSM session videos every day, and present to you the best quality of feet fetish, feet worship, trampling, domination and more videos with full of oriental charms from China.

Meanwhile, we work closed with hundreds of Chinese/Japan/Korean Mistress, you're free to join us now and start social with these Goddess, meet them in person. As one of footlovers, don't wait, just go.

Foot Fetishism is more fashionable than ever. In fact, it has always existed, only that society tends to hide out because of fear or shame. For the same reason, thousands of fetishists worldwide have repressed fantasies, not knowing or wanting to express them openly.

This has since become a problem for many people, especially for those with a shy or closed character. Luckily, internet has revolutionized many things, and one of them has been the dating sites. In this way, barriers, prejudices and embarrassments disappear to meet people with similar tastes and satisfy those desires we have always had and we have never dared.

Below you can find Some very USEFUL TIPS from Foot Lovers:

Be respectful: Remember, domination is just a game.

Read well what the other person wants before contacting.

Respect Rules of Behavior.

You'll have more chances of dates if you search people near you are based.

As many photos and more descriptive be your profile, the more likely you will be contacted

Be yourself and don’t try to impress anyone or will achieve the opposite effect